Sunday, September 27, 2009

Webcam + PIR sensor + servos +ioBridge + txt message alerts = awesome security system

So I extended my webcam project to become a security system while I was away for the last couple weeks.

I mounted a webcam with two Futaba S3003 servos (pan + tilt) with the help of a Meccano 5-model set . I also installed 2 PIR sensors to detect movement. Then I mounted all to a tripod.

I created 2 ioBridge messaging actions to send me a TXT message if any of the PIR sensor went to the ON position (note that I only activated this action while away to avoid receiving a huge amount of TXTs) and also a Digital input to servo position action to move the camera to the direction of movement.

I placed the camera on the side of my main hall, so I was able to get at 180 degree view of my house while away.

Luckily it only went off once when I asked my sister to come to my house to grab something for me :) , other than that It worked great! I also used my x10 controllers to turn on/off a few lights inside my house as well as a lamp candle (scentsy) that I was able to to turn on the day I flew back home.

Now I only wonder what will it take to tap  into my actual security system with my ioBridge.